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Studio Location: 389 W. Steamboat Dr, Suite 104, Dakota Dunes, SD 57049
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Reiki therapy is based on an Eastern practice and belief that vital energy flows through the body. A Reiki practitioner uses a gentle touch to help guide this energy in a way that promotes the body’s own healing ability. This allows for alignment and balance. 

Reiki restores the “whole person” physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and energetically.


"The depth of healing I received from Sandy isn't able to be measured nor can a word describe it. I went in with hopes of releasing a blocked energy that had held me bound for far too long. I left feeling completely free and breathed in the fullest breaths I had in years... so incredibly cleansing and healing. The heaviness is no more... ❤🙏☮

Going to Sandy with no preconceived expectations, only COMPLETE surrender and openness to all her healing, as I did, will be one of the most beautiful gifts you could ever give to yourself and to Sandy... she is a true healer through love and light."
"Went to my 1st reiki appt ever this week. I was a little skeptical if it was a real thing or not. Listening to her talk and doing the work that she does I still wasn’t sure. I thought I felt different, but was it all in my head? The very next day I felt so much better I have now been sleeping all night, waking up in the morning feeling good. The headache I have had for about a week is gone. And I did public speaking with no problems this week. If you don’t know me that doesn’t make any sense to you. If you know me I do not like public speaking. I rocked it last night! I feel 😉 I highly recommend if you’re just not feeling right and you’re not sure why, go, go now make an appointment!!"
"Everything about this studio is Amazing, the feel, the energy, the vibrations. Sandy is very attentive to your needs and so dedicated to getting you to your best self. I always feel so enlighten after my sessions. This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or someone you love."
"Sandy has created an amazing space, to make you feel welcome and at peace. I had no idea what to expect and have attended with an open mind and heart. It is an amazing experience to feel energy moving thru you! Working with Sandy has helped me come to peace and begin to heal! I feel very comfortable and would recommend Sandy and her amazing gift!"